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Normal wear and tear happens in all machines and will eventually need readjusting, or wearing parts replacing. Some problems can be caused by external factors and can be remedied by changing environmental factors.
The most common causes of fault operation in blowers are down to improper maintenance, such as incorrect oil and oil level, and clogged inlet filters.
Please use the guide below to help with your investigations into why your blower isn’t working as if should.
Problem Possible Causes Solution

Loss of rotor timing


Distortion due to improper mounting or pipe strains

Check mounting alignment and relieve pipe strains

Excessive pressure differential

Reduce to manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Examine relief valve, re-set if necessary

Worn gears

Replace timing gears

Worn bearings

Replace bearings

Worn bearing housing

Check bearing fit in headplate

Excessive blower temperature

Too much oil in gear case or drive cover

Reduce oil level, with unit stationary

Too low operating speed

Increase blower speed

Blocked filter or silencer

Remove cause of obstruction

Excessive pressure differential

Reduce pressure differential across blower

Worn impeller clearances

Reduce clearances

Impeller end or tip drag

Insufficient assembled clearances

Correct clearances

Case or frame distortion

Check mounting or pipe strain

Excessive operating pressure

Remove cause

Excessive operating temperature

Remove cause

Loss of volume

Slipping belts

Tighten belts

Worn clearances

Re-establish proper clearances

Excessive bearing or gear wear

Improper lubrication

Correct level, replace dirty oil and parts as appropriate

Leakage of oil

Too much oil in gear case or drive cover

Reduce oil level

Worn drive seal

Replace seals

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