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Pneumatic Handling Questionnaire
Oil free or two-stage blowers and compressors are used in the pneumatic conveying of various materials including flour, sugar, cereals, cocoa, animal feed, sawdust, sand, lime, nylon, cement and many others. Please supply the following data to enable us to put forward a quotation for suitable blower equipment.
Contact Name:
Type of material to be handled
Bulk density of material     lb/ft or kg/m
Particle size of material, if known
Flow rate TPH      Ton/hr or Tonnes/hr
Vertical conveyed distance       Feet or Metres
Horizontal conveyed distance       Feet or Metres
No. of 90° bends
No. of valves
Internal pipe diameter, if known       in or mm
Volume of air, if known       ft²/min or m²/min
Pressure of air, if known
Normal ambient air temperature at site       ° C or ° F
Type of proposed air seal, (eg rotary valve)
No. of air seals
Type of motor protected - T.E.F.V. Sq. Cage, Slippering, etc.
Type of control gear
Site electricity supply in volts, phase and cycles
Altitude above sea level    
Type of drive proposed, i.e. Vee Belt or Coupling etc.
Do you wish us to include recommended blower accessories?
Will unit be for static installation?
Or for pressured bulk tanker?
Or for non-pressurised bulk vehicle?
Will blower be sited under cover?
Site conditions (very dusty, etc)
Any further comments:
Note: Any details sent will only be used by us for the purpose of providing a quotation. We will not share your details with any third party.
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